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Who is slim sadie?


Sadie is my mother who has taught me pretty much everything she knew about making jerky. Growing up my mother made jerky all the time. The house always smelled amazing and I basically grew up constantly snacking on delicious low calorie, low fat and low carb snacks (although we had no clue at the time). I wanted to name the jerky after my mother, so I tossed names around for quite a while. Then one day a memory hit me. I remembered how my mother literally used to make us call her Slim Trim Beautiful Sadie and that she always said that the way she lost the baby weight from us kids was by eating jerky. So, It just came to me and voila! Slim Sadie’s was born. ​

Like I said growing up this jerky was a staple in my house hold and as my mom got older she grew tired of making it and I took it upon myself to learn the ropes. My mom bought me my first dehydrator for my birthday and I have been making it myself for years now constantly tweaking and perfecting my recipe to perfection. Everyone that tries it loves it, begs me to make it for them and I constantly get asked the question “why don’t you sell this stuff? I would buy it off you”! Well It wasn’t until recently that I was in a position do so. This venture for me is a huge passion of mine and I really I hope you love my labor of love :)


Meet heidi

Owner and Founder of Slim Sadie's Beef Jerky, Heidi is a 6 year disabled military veteran, boy mom, and wife. Heidi spends her time giving back by volunteering to the veteran organization The Mighty Oaks Foundation by leading trail rides, making jerky, raising her son, and riding her horses. 

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